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Devine Power Pharmacuitical offers a comprehensive selection of quality pharmaceutical products and medical supplies for healthcare professionals and organizations. Browse our catalog for convenient sourcing of essential healthcare resources.


Devine Power Pharmaceutical pvt. Ltd. was established on 26th October 2021, and specializes in Generic and OTC products of acute section. The company’s prime focus is to provide best medicines at reasonable and affordable prices to the society and it is powered by the carefully curated selection of top-quality medicines marketed by the company. And in the coming future the company will give heed on delivering best OTC products to the society in order to boost the immunity of people of our beloved country and to give devine care to the healthy future generations. Mission: Our mission is to provide the Indian pharmaceutical market with top quality medicines for which our team of committed and dedicated employs are working constantly. We believe that the satisfaction of people who consume our products is our prime reward and the most precious capital gain to the company and its employees.

Our Aim

The company aims to become the fastest growing pharmaceutical marketing company with its root in Varanasi and its branches and leaves wide spread across the nation.

By Founders Pen

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Everyone who knew of Devine Power Pharmaceutical was very sure that I misspelled the name but little did they know that its name belongs to my Late grandfather Sri. DEVI PRASAD GAUR whose blessings have driven me to bring the beautiful idea of Devine Power Pharmaceutical into reality, along with it, the constant support and love of my parents Prof. ACHAL KUMAR GAUR & R and the guiding hand of Mahadev has brought this company on the market floor and has helped it grow. Our company’s medicines and products promise the power of devine care.

Managing Director

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"The most rewarding and humbling experience in this world is to help another human being”. With each medicine curing a person counts as a feeling of satisfaction to me.


Our Products

  • Azidevine 500mg
  • Algedev
  • Rabidev DSR
  • Ferripod Xt
  • Devodine Mouthwash
  • Devical
  • Devaxiclav 650mg
  • Devinac SP
  • Paradevimol 500mg
  • Miltidev Capsules
  • Devwhey Protein Powder

What Drives Us!

Devine Power Pharmaceutical was an idea conceived during the COVID 19 pandemic and became a beautiful reality by blessings of MAHADEV! Our company wishes to eradicate the health problems persisting in our society which were prevalent before the pandemic hit and have aggravated in the post pandemic era.

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